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Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon

Saturday, February 23rd, 2013

To “encourage parents every where to get up and get moving with their kids” .


Friday, February 22nd, 2013

Think of a walk, run or hike that is a treasure hunt for cool stamps with a log book – like a passport – recording your adventures. Combine navigational skills and rubber stamping for outdoor fun for all ages and fitness levels in your family. Checkout: or

My good friend and her family have found letterboxes all around the country as shown in this map: They can’t wait to go exploring somewhere new, collect stamp impressions, and plant boxes for other people to discover. They just put an ink pad and stamp in a waterproof container and plan out a special place to hide it.

According to the website, there are over 20,000 letterboxes hidden in North America alone! Rumor has it that letterboxing started in England in 1854, but was popularized in the U.S. in 1998.

If you are competitive, split up into teams and race to get to the stamps to make it even more of a cardiovascular challenge. You can also make it part of a scavenger hunt. Or, simply start your own family passport of treasure hunting in your neighborhood! Bring your recording book wherever you travel and find stamps to put inside. Plant your own stamps around the world, too! Soon you’ll have an incredible log of fun adventures!


Lunge and a poem

Monday, February 18th, 2013

Lunges with “Round and round the garden (belly), goes the teddy bear. One step, two step, tickle under there!”

Sit on a Ball

Friday, February 15th, 2013

Sit on a ball. Big or little. Seems funny, but it’s a great way to strengthen your core.

With a little ball, sit on the ground, with the ball almost under your tail bone as in the picture on the right. Sit up tall and lean back over the little ball. Let your abs turn on, and keep your lower back turned off. Tilt back over the ball as if you are doing a sit up, except on top of the ball so you have much more range of motion and challenge. Experiment with your arms over your head, moving through the sit up or holding still.  If your core is shaking, you are doing it correctly.

With a big ball, roll slightly forward from a seated position with the ball supporting your lower back, while your feet are flat on the floor.  Put your hands behind your head, and just find your center of balance. Enjoy the unstable horizontal position — it’s fun! Plus it activates your core. Be sure you have no tension in your back. Experiment with all the interesting ways you can sit on the ball.

Once you find your balance, keep your feet on the floor, and try crunching your chest up and down as if doing a traditional “crunch”.  Now turn on your side and do it again. Try the other side. You’ll suddenly remember where your obliques are and how they lift you sideways! Put your belly on the ball and lift your chest up and down to strengthen your lower back, glutes and hamstrings as in the picture on the left.

Now stand up and play. Big ball, small ball – think of the zillion things you can do! Pass it around your hips, under your legs, over your head, back and forth with your child; squeeze it between your knees and jump; create ball dance routines like in the Olympics; bounce it around the house; and then see who can throw it the highest, fastest, farthest, curved, in the air, to a target, or into a basket. The list is truly endless. Get on the ball and play!


Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

Kids climbed on their mom’s laps as they were rowing. They wanted to do it too! Kids are never to young to learn the joy of movement!

Walking Lunges

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013


Friday, February 8th, 2013

Run.  You don’t even need shoes. You can do it anywhere, by yourself or with any age family member. Walk out your front door and go. Or don’t. Stay inside your apartment and run in place or up and down the stairs. Don’t have the time or place to run? See the last paragraph.

Maybe you haven’t gone in a while, or you define a “run” as many miles. A run is a run. From phone pole to pole, or for a longer distance. Just go. Once you start, it becomes easier and easier.  It feels good at first and then turns into fantastic the more you do it. (Although the very first few times can feel really hard. It’s ok, do it anyway because you can. And because the fantastic is coming.)

Want more guidance or encouragement? Check these out:
The Road Runners Club of America
New York Road Runners: almost every city has one; this one is huge. Look up your city to find your local group
Marathon Kids-helping to “develop the love and habit of moving through space”
Girls on the Run
100 Mile Club: meant for kids at school to run 100 miles. (Make it your home challenge)
Team in Training
Achilles International: if you already run, help a disabled runner cross the finish line

Want to run and have a fun race as an end reward? Check out:
Color me Rad or the Color Run: start white, end up rainbow
-Firefly run: where everyone is lit up
-Costume runs: moonlight, zombie and Halloween runs
Rock and Roll Marathon: every few miles is a band and party
Muddy Buddy: start clean, end up covered in mud and laughing
-No matter where you live, there is a fun run near you. Ask your local sports store.

You don’t have the time, space, place, good weather, fill-in-the-blank excuse to run?
-Astronaut Sunita Williams trained for and raced in a triathlon from the International Space Station. While 240 miles from earth with a harness to keep her from floating off, she ran four miles on the treadmill, 18 miles on a stationary bike, and simulated a half-mile swim using a strength machine designed for weightlessness.

-Pat Farmer ran from “Pole to Pole” running 13,000 miles. He dodged bandits, insurgents and every type of weather.

-While working on an oil rig at sea, Derek Cooper trained for an Ironman. He would run laps around the helicopter landing pad, 22 times per one mile.

-President Obama exercises six days a week, doing a combination of strength and cardiovascular exercise like running, on and off the basketball court.  If he can make time in his incredibly busy schedule, so can we.

On earth, above the earth, at sea, or in any country or corner of the world, there is always a way to run!

NFL Play 60

Sunday, February 3rd, 2013

National Football League’s campaign to encourage kids and adults to be active for 60 minutes a day in order to help reverse the trend of childhood obesity.


Friday, February 1st, 2013

Flip2BFit® is a company that makes two active games.  One is a children’s fitness board game where you stretch, jump and twist in order to win the game. While playing, you can pose in a few yoga positions, build strength or do a cardio burst – all while learning about healthy eating choices. The company’s mission is to “prevent childhood obesity one exercise at a time!”

The second game is a fitness memory card game called Bakari, where you match two physical activity cards and earn points by doing the exercises.

See the games here at

Add the Flip2bFit games to the others on this blog (like active Charades, Twist It Up, Running Scrabble, body Rock, Paper, Scissor, etc.) to play for family game night.  Over and over, Focusing on Family Fitness is easy to do when exercise and activity are woven into family time.