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Zoingo Boingo

Friday, September 27th, 2013

One of the things I love about where I live are my neighbors. Every year we have a block party and close off the street so the kids can run around, have a bike obstacle course, jump rope, hopscotch, and play basketball. Zoingo BoingoThe kids favorite activity is the massive water balloon fight that the parents spend 2 hours preparing and cleaning up, even though the actual balloon fight and chase is about 30 minutes. It’s the highlight of the day for the kids, and joke for the parents that the prep takes so much longer that the actual game.

All the neighbors come out, bring food and random toys in their garages. This year, someone brought out a toy that I liked just because of it’s name, “Zoingo Boingo”.  Say that ten times fast.

It’s a simple toy, kind of like an easier pogo stick. And it’s fun. Any age and ability can do it. Just bounce, bounce, bounce, all the way down the sidewalk. Think of it as a mini trampoline you can jump around town on. No prep, no clean-up, just healthy, springy fun, family fitness. Yes, please!


Friday, September 20th, 2013

Exercise literally changes the world.  Watch, listen and get out the door.

Model It

Friday, September 13th, 2013

How do we teach future generations to care for and respect their bodies? Model it.

Model It

Yoga Month

Friday, September 6th, 2013

I’m tired. I don’t know if I know anyone who isn’t. Maybe it’s the news; maybe it’s the endless dishes; or laundry that grows like a amorphous blob, but I’m tired. September is National Yoga Month. Seems like a good time for some restoration, relaxation, and Child’s Pose among the back-to-school chaos.Yoga for Tween Girls

Yoga Mommy is a BakerI like yoga. I’m not a crazy-over-the-top fanatic like some Yogi’s I know, but I respect it as an ancient practice that brings incredible mind-body awareness, inner and outer strength and peace, and a discipline that improves over time.

I don’t want one more thing to do. I do want high quality time with my family that doesn’t involve technology, that does involve health and fitness, and is interesting and challenging for us all.

Recently, I borrowed some yoga books from the library. I was already doing some basic poses with my children but, since they are four and six, the visual books was helpful. Plus the provocation was coming from the book rather than Mom.

yoga5 yoga4 Yoga Books for ChildrenGoing to the library can feel like one more thing though, and the point is simple. Easy. Soothing and refreshing. There are tons of websites that detail yoga poses, but to start, pick one or two. Make it your pose. Have your kids find their favorite. Kids usually  love downward dog. My children love tree pose, but pretend there is fruit on the tree. They like to do their own variations. There are books for young toddlers, and books for teens. I like The Girls Yoga Book by Michaela Caldwell by for Tween Girls.

Do it after school when you haven’t quite moved into an activity. Try it while the toast is browning for snack. Try it daily or whenever the mood strikes. Just, well, as the saying goes, just do it.

Imagine if the whole world was taught from a young age a go-to exercise we did for calming and comfort, for settling our mind and strengthening our bodies.  Imagine if that same exercise was our go-to quick exercise for our whole life. Perhaps the news wouldn’t be as depressing. Perhaps resolution would be found in other ways. Yoga GamesMany people have seen this video of the man who can’t walk without the help of crutches, who practices yoga, and then… watch it here if you haven’t seen it. Start practicing yoga. Like all exercise, it’s a great use of time.