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Sublime Stretching

Monday, October 28th, 2013

Sublime Stretching

Food and Activity App

Monday, October 21st, 2013

Try this free App that can track physical activity, food, and has a “Food-a-Pedia”.  You and your older child(ren) can use the Food-a-Pedia of over 8,000 items to look up foods that the USDA has analyzed for nutritional details.  If you like to keep track of your progress, develop new goals, or just want to learn more about what you are eating, check it out!

Fall SquashWhile you’re thinking about nutrition, try some new fall veggies! Did you know you can cook spaghetti and butternut squash in the microwave without even cutting them open? Just wash, pierce all over with a fork, and cook 15-20 minutes on high depending on the size.  I make it after school and by dinner, it’s cool. My kids can cut it open with a butter knife and pick the seeds out. Guess who will eat it after they help cook it? Yay for kids (and their parents) eating vegetables!


Monday, October 14th, 2013

One of my favorite sports is rock climbing. I love rock climbing so much that I named my cat after the carabiner used to connect me to the rope. When I climb up the rock, focused on where to put my foot next, the day’s stresses disappear. I get to the top (or not) and feel like I can solve any problem beforeRock Climb me. Perhaps doing an actual gigantic physical puzzle makes everyday nuances easier.

I’ve discovered that all kids, of any age (1 to 108), gravitate toward climbing rocks. It doesn’t have to be an actual rock face that requires belays and harnesses; any pile of large rocks will do (even a big pile of hay, huge sand dunes  or super long stair cases do the trick). Walk a kid over to a pile of boulders and see what happens. Don’t stand there as a parent observing.  Have total engagement and climb too. Climb, scamper, scale, and clamber up the rocks. Get to the top and look around. Is your heart beating faster? Did you just have fun and forget everything else?

Try an official rock climbing class at a rock climbing studio or store like REI that offers weekend workshops. Don’t just climb indoors; get outside and try it, too. It’s different. Don’t use the excuse “I have no upper body strength” or climbing “is just for kids.” If you’re scared, that’s fine. Do it anyway! Be proud that not only did you try it, but also you role modeled being scared and going for it despite your fear.  As you ascend, you might just notice your mind soaring to new heights, too.

National Walk and Roll to School Day

Monday, October 7th, 2013

This Wednesday, October 9th is National Walk and Roll to School Day.  Actually, it’s walk and bike to school, but I say “roll” because scooters, skateboards and roller blades count in my book too. This is a t-shirt from a parent last year who was helping promote the day. Out of the 900 children at my daughter’s school, at least 600 walked or rolled. There wasn’t a single spot left at any bike rack. Even the principal woke up early and rode her bike from many towns away.Walk To School

How will you get to school or work on Wednesday? Can you continue to walk or roll through the next few months? Perhaps you’ll start to notice the trees changing in the season, your child talking more to and from school, and the quiet space between activities. Or not. Maybe you’ll be frantically running to school rushing your child down the street like I did half the time. Either way, you’ll both be moving which is the main goal!

I discovered that using the scooter to school was actually faster than driving. By the time I waited in the car line, found parking, and walked five blocks in, I could’ve been there and home if we scooted. Plus I wasn’t using gas, adding exhaust to the air, and sometimes had my son along exercising too. We would race each other there and home, and somehow, I always lost.

“A lifetime of being active can begin on the way to school.”

Push-up to a healthy fall!

Friday, October 4th, 2013