Active Scavenger Hunt

Partner two different teams together and create an active scavenger hunt. Instead of “find something”, “do something” and take an action photo or mini video to show you’ve completed the clue.

-Balance while walking across something (masking tape, sidewalk curb, tree limb, a line of pillows…use your imagination)

-Crawl under something on your back then front: a bed, sheet tunnel, couch fort, shrubs, low clothes line, etc.

-Jump on top of something (bed, ottoman, rock, pillow, etc.) in all different directions (up and down, sideways both directions) for a predetermined number of times.

-Lift something heavy 20 times over your head or just up and down, depending on what it is. For example lift each other up, a barbell, a dog/cat food bag, two bags of flour, a big rock, a huge ball of snow, etc.

-Hurdle over something. Line up six items spaced out well and leap over them three times, taking pictures each time – pillows, cans, plants, books, rocks,  snow mounds, etc.

-Stand for 1 minute on each foot before earning the final clue, or hold a plank position with good form for at least a minute

-Walk, run or sprint a certain distance in between each clue, as well as to your final challenge. Add in GPS coordinate destinations for an extra challenge.

– For fit players, make it half a mile or more between clues. For new exercisers, keep the game layout smaller, but play quicker.

There are scavenger hunt apps you can use to create an “official” game for parties, play dates and family events. Alternatively, just make a scavenger hunt list that each team competes to finish.  String together enough movements and your scavenger hunt becomes a fun and memorable workout!