Band Aid

If you wanted to have one awesome exercise toy in your house that could give you a full body strength workout, anywhere, anytime, and nobody at work or home will hear you, buy an exercise band for about $10. The list of exercises you can do with it has no end. The only limiting factor is choosing not to pick it up.Band Together

I can list a thousand descriptions of how to use the band, but there are many websites and YouTube videos that have free suggestions.  Keep the band under your work desk or by the kitchen counter. Each week while you are cooking or procrastinating at work, try one new exercise.  I know many people who just exercise while at their desk or watching kids do homework. They use the band when reading documents or on conference calls, and by the end of the day, they have finished 30+ minutes of strength training.

If you added one new exercise a week, by the end of the year you’d have one fit body and mind. One of the my favorite bands (it’s hearty, inexpensive and no, I don’t get a kick back from them for saying this) is this one, by SPRI.   Splurge and spend an extra two dollars on the door attachment. You’ll essentially have a whole cable exercise system in your home for $12 that barely takes up space.

There are a lots of exercise videos on amazon, and youtube.  Check out your local library too.

I like this video because it shows how you can use the band anywhere and get a great full body workout.

This guy shows how easy it is to use the band.

Tie your band in a circle to perform all of these.  These are more rehab and single muscle exercises.

Band together and get stronger!