Body Writing Charades

Home-made charades exercise cardsThere are a few ways to play this game depending on the age of the players. Think charades, but writing words or pictures with your body. Warm up by writing words with your ankles, knees, and whole leg, on both sides. Then write the word or picture with your whole arm, then bend at your waist and attempt to draw the picture as if a marker was on your head, and the paper was in front of you. You are now ready to play the game. If you have a young child, repeat above, changing the picture or letters your write together. Notice how differently they look and feel when you write them with your arm compared to your body.

With an older child, form teams and compete against each other and the clock. You can pick a topic (animals) or agree it’s only words or pictures you are drawing. Then pick how you are drawing it. If your arm is drawing a picture cow, it is different than if your leg has to write out the word “cow” (nearly impossible).  The best way to play is to make it full body and have a high impact charades game. If you have a teen and the hilarity of charades has worn off, try blindfolding the person who is acting it out.  The difference in this game of charades is that the opposite team is NOT sitting on the couch trying to guess.  During the time they are guessing and the sand timer is flowing, the opposite team is doing jumping jacks, squats, or whatever else they opponent have chosen for them. Alternatively, create two stacks of cards. One stack has the words that will be drawn/acted out with your body, the other stack has the activity words. Both teams pick one card from a pile each round, then switch. Play until your sides hurt from laughing and you can’t stand up anymore.