Clock Lunges

Imagine you are the center of an analog clock, and one of your legs will be the minute hand. Start with your right foot, and lunge to twelve o’clock, then come back to the center. Continue using your right leg to lunge to every number around the clock (except foWoman holding baby while lungingr 9 o’clock). Your right leg will back “curtsy” at 8 o’clock, and front “curtsy” at 10. Enjoy feeling your right leg move in all the planes it is meant to be strong in (thank you ball and socket hip!) Now repeat on the left leg, lunging first to 12 o’clock, the around the clock again, reverse if it feels more natural. This time, your left leg will skip lunging at 3 o’clock. Now that your legs “know” the clock, if you have a teenager or a tween, clock lunge together, taking turns calling out numbers. Time yourself and see if you can go for longer each round. If you or your teen are athletic, do this with your eyes closed and/or as jump lunges!Watch that your body weight is in your glutes and quads, not knees, all while keeping your core actively engaged. With a younger child, write 1-12 on 12 pieces of paper, tape them to the floor, and teach your child the clock while getting super strong together. If you have a baby, hold them in a carrier and do the same activity, all while singing “Hickory Dickory Dock”. Ok, you don’t have to sing, but if you do, you’ll be breathing properly, and your baby will love it. If you or your child play a sport that has quick changes of direction like soccer or tennis, notice how doing these lunges regularly improves your strength and reaction time. If you don’t play a sport, feel good knowing that doing these clock lunges will increase your metabolism (thanks big muscle groups), as well as the time your lower body is injury free.