Dance Fever

Mom dancing with babyPut on your hoodie and break dance! Tie a bandanna around your neck and hoedown! Take off your shoes and slide around the floor with socks doing the twist! Break out the disco ball or flashlights! Use the back of the couch or kitchen chair as a ballet barre! Put spoons in your hands and pretend to Flamenco! Play loud air guitar and rock-n-roll! Put bubble wrap on the floor and “tap” dance on it! Seems really obvious, but so many families forget the easiest exercise is the one right in front of them. All movement counts and adds up quickly! Choose music you like and hold your small child and dance together. With 3-7 year olds, play freeze dance. Choose music your tween likes and let them teach you how to shake it. Make a dance video together. Take your teen to dance class with you- Zumba, Jazzercise, Ballroom, Drums Alive, etc., and dance together. Many community centers have inexpensive classes. Can’t get to class because of work and school? Rent a dance video from the library. All kids will burn up the floor if encouraged. Turn off the lights, turn up the volume, and cut a rug together. Do it when you are tired or have had a bad day and watch the power of movement transform you.

Want a little inspiration to start? Watch Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon shaking it “to encourage parents everywhere to get up and get moving with their kids”.