Flying Saucers

Yep, Frisbee® or any other type of disc. Such a simple, fun, easy to play way to improve your fitness level!

-Throw a frisbee back and forth standing on one foot. Get really creative and try freestyle disc throwing, doing athletic and acrobatic moves with a disc. Master your moves and start competing!

-Everyone throws discs at once for a little chaotic fun.

-Throw the disc while running. Person who drops it or stops moving earns a point for
the other player.

-Play Disc Golf at an official course, or set up your own cages (chairs, tree targets, buckets, etc.) to catch the disc.

-Use discs as sliders.

-Create a family-friendly ultimate Frisbee® league (like football) and play each other.

-If you don’t have enough people for ultimate, try playing hot box.

-Instead of dodgeball, play dodge disc using a disc instead of balls.

-Make up your own disc games and rules. If you challenge your kids to come up with a better game than their parents, they will.  Then play, repeat, have fun and watch your stamina grow.