Dr. Seuss’s Super Stretchy ABCs Game

By Guest Exerciser and Mom Sara P.

“The sun did not shine

It was too wet to play

So we sat in the house

On that cold cold wet day.

…All we could do was to sit sit sit sit.

And we did not like it, not one little bit.”

–The Cat in the Hat, by Dr. Seuss

Whether it’s because dinner is on the stove, a younger sibling is napping, or the weather is bad, sometimes you’re just stuck inside.  But being stuck indoors doesn’t mean you need to sit on the couch in front of the TV.  Wonder Forge produces a line of family games, based on Dr. Seuss books, that can get you and your kids moving. And they’ll be learning in the process!

My 4-year-old is a big Dr. Seuss fan, so I picked up Dr. Seuss’s Super Stretchy ABC Game (http://www.wonderforge.com/products/dr-seuss/super-stretchy-abc-game/).   The game is like Twister for preschoolers (it’s marketed for ages 3 and up).  The game includes a large alphabet mat, the “Cyclone” spinner, and alphabet chips.  To play: the chips are loaded into the cyclone, and the “caller” spins the cyclone to distribute five chips: one for each hand, each foot, and an ear.  The “Twister” then has to meet the challenge.  For each hand, foot, or ear the Twister can place correctly, he/she gets to keep that alphabet chip.  The winner is the player with the most chips at the end of the game.  My son loves this game.  He loves getting to be the Twister, but he also loves watching Mom and Dad twist and bend to try to meet the challenge as well.  And whether he’s calling or twisting, he’s also learning his letters and the sounds they make.  Win-Win!