Drum Up Some Fitness

Bam! Slam! Dink! Donk! Tap! Smash! Brrrr….!  These are the noises of people experimenting with sound, hitting things, drumming and having musical exercise. How?

Pick up something that is safe to hit with: sticks, spoons, spatulas, shoes, markers or actual drum sticks. Find things that are safe to hit: beds, pillows, couches, the floor, carpet, grass, trees, sidewalks, buckets, etc.  Now hit something! Loud, hard, soft, quick, slow, high, low, or fancy.

Fancy? Stand on one foot; now the other; now drum while squatting, lunging, walking, dancing, lying down, doing sit ups, side planks, etc. Find a rhythm and play away.

Drumming can get your heart rate up so high and be such a great workout that there are even group exercise classes where participants drum together.  Take your teen and check out Pound or Drums Alive, two classes that get your heart pumping while drumming away.

Fun Fact:

Marcus Smith, an exercise physiologist at the University of Chichester in England, studied Clem Burke, the drummer in the band Blondie. Over eight years, Burke’s heart rate, oxygen uptake and lactic acid were measured while playing drums on tour. The drummer averaged a heart rate of 140-150 beats per minute. In other words, he got a great workout! Can you?