Feel the Wind in Your Hands

Imagine feeling the wind in your hands. It’s a beautiful day at the park, school, or beach; the wind is blowing; and there is nothing but you, your children, and a kite to make magic. You set up the kite, unwind the string, and take off running. The kite just drags on the ground; nothing happens. Then you try again, but this time your child throws the kite towards the sky as you run and suddenly, “whoosh!” Your kite is high; you all are squealing with joy; and you feel as free as the kite as you teach your children how to hold the string, feel the wind in their hands, run with it to keep it afloat, and maybe even get it to do a loop or two.

There are a myriad of kite shapes and sizes, but one that makes you smile as you look at it is the right one for your family.  Homemade or store bought, a single string kite is easier to keep up in the air – (Keep moving with it to feel the wind! Do not just tie it to your beach umbrella!) – but a two stringer allows you to do super fun kite tricks.

I gave my three-year old the string to hold, but I was also holding it, closer to the kite so while I had more control, he was involved, feeling the breeze and running with me in every direction to catch more wind. My five year old threw the kite in the air, ran after it when it fell, and ran circles around us in excitement. Let an older child fly his or her own kite and run alongside.

Exhilarating exercise? Check. Feeling the wind in your hands? Check. Unforgettable family time? Priceless.