Hand Slap Plank Game

Do you know the game where two people stand facing each other, and one person holds their hands palms up and tries to “slap” the hands of their opponent who’s hands are placed on top of theirs? Mom and daughter playing high five game It’s a fun game at any age and requires two people to have quick reflexes. Instead of standing and playing the game, play it in a plank position (on your hands and toes or knees).With a teenager, plank head to head and/or side to side, each of you holding up opposite hands. The youngest person tries to “slap” the palm of their opponent, all while holding a plank. They switch roles, and then play on the other side, switching roles twice more. In this plank game, the palm is held in any position around the body, not just in front. With a younger child who is able to hold a plank, play the same way, or at least until the child collapses into giggles.  Lay a really small toddler or baby underneath you, hold a plank above your baby, and give little high fives or hand kisses-all while still keeping your abs, back, shoulders and gluts engaged.