Hopscotch Hiccup

Hopscotch game with fun alternativesYeah, yeah, everyone knows hopscotch. But when was the last time you really played it hard? I mean laid out tape on your living room floor or chalked the sidewalk up and went at it. Not just regular one hop, two foot jumps, but speed hopscotch. Frontwards, backwards, sideways-first right and then left. When was the last time you raced the clock for a set of ten to see if you sped up or slowed down by the tenth time? Did you sprint around the outside boxes while your child was hopping? How many times can you run around it while the other person goes? Did you slow way down and do moving planks through the hopscotch game, lifting one foot or one hand on the single spaces? If you have a small child, give them a ride. Race a tween, and add math games in. Whoever adds up their numbers and gets to 50 first wins. Or 100 if multiplying. Older kids can jump with one eye closed. Or turn the board into a long jump hopscotch. Or obstacle course hopscotch with a bigger board and big obstacles in the way, like a sister doing push-ups or a brother holding a wide stance squat you have to crawl through. Try it zigzag, or equate each number with an activity.  If your rock, sock, bean bag, (whatever your place holder is) lands on “1”, you have to do one full 360 degree jump turn. Block lands on “2”, welcome to two burpees. If your place holder lands on “3”, it’s free choice and everyone has to do it. Etc.  Try it and watch your balance, proprioreception, eye hand coordination and cardiovascular stamina increase. Oh, and you’ll have a blast too.