Rope Like You’ve Never Jumped

There are SO many jump rope options!

-Regular two-foot jumping: over the rope in place

-One foot at a time, finding a rhythm such as “right, left, right, right, left, left”, repeat

-Moving jumps: frontwards, backwards, sideways, leaping forward as you jump

-Ski jumps: side to side, front to back, open and closed legs, crossed and open legs, cross country ski jumps, turning jumps, backwards jumps, Gangnam-style jumps – just ’cause it’s hilarious

-Swinging the rope around your body in different motions, patterns and speeds like a dance ribbon

-Single swing: with a short rope, tie the rope in a loop around one ankle, and swing it around your body, jumping over it as you go

-Double dutch: two people swing two long ropes in opposite directions as one person jumps in or runs through

-Using a jump rope as a limbo rope or low wiggling rope to jump over

-Can you jump at the same time as someone else? Two ways – either simultaneously, as reflections of each other, or just one rope – with one person turning but two or three people jumping inside?

-Jump competitions: Who can jump for the longest without stopping? Who can do the trickiest jump for the longest? Who can invent a new jump? Can you jump rope dance to a whole song? Who can jump the fastest? The slowest?  Try jumping low (like a squat) and slow and see how long your legs last. Can you jump with your eyes closed? Can you jump with two, three…ten ropes at once?

-Want to be motivated, inspired and awed all at once? Checkout USA Jump Rope and watch the videos of international jump rope competitions

Try the ten plus variations above for just two minutes each and you’ll have had at least 20 minutes of super cardiovascular challenge!