Land of the Silly Walks

Most 2 or 3 year olds will walk silly for fun, and we parents watch in delight at the natural movement of our children. And then we forget. We hurry and rush our kids to walk to school or the the store or even off to bed. However if we pause, we’ll notice even teens have silly walks in them if you give them space (and act like you are not watching).

Can you do crazy long-legged silly walks? Or super slow or fast marching? Can you hop on one foot towards the store? How about the other foot? Now jump on both. What about sideways? Try galloping frontwards and backwards. What about 3-legged walks, tying your leg to your child’s?  Granted you won’t get very far fast, but if you do it while walking to the mailbox, you’ll have a very memorable and healthy time.

Compete to see who can make up as many ways to travel as possible, then see who can do it for the longest. The person who came up with the move might not be able to do it for very long.

Remember bear/dinosaur walks, penguin waddles and kangaroo jumps? What about crab walks, walking on your hands and feet while facing up?  Play follow the leader letting your child start first. Can you walk on your hips, inching them forward as you move around your house? Who is fastest? Even break dancing, like moon-walking, can get you from one place to another so it counts. Can you turn your land of the silly walks into a slippery land? Or upside-down and walk in a handstand down the hall?