Rock, Paper, Scissor

There is the original version of rock, scissor, paper. Then there is the active, really fun version using your body as the rock, scissor or paper.

To play standing:

rock=squat or tight ball
scissor=scissor jump to deep lunge
paper=overhead extension on your tiptoes (optional high jump for falling paper)
Now play as fast as you can with your child. The person who wins the most rounds out of 20 wins. Is your heart rate up? Are you laughing? Then you are playing it correctly.

To play lying down either face up, face down or both:

Rock=do a “crunch” or curl up in a ball
Scissor=extend your body with scissor legs (keep your lower back on the floor, you want core strengthening here not back pain) or do a one legged plank if playing face down
Paper=lie on back like scissor above but with full extension, or on your front flying like Superman/woman/the Greatest American Hero

Play the lying down versions slowly, watching your form, moving deliberately into each position. Try it face up and down for 20 rounds and realize you’ve exercised your whole body all while having fun family time! That’s a winning game!