Running Scrabble

Running ScrabbleHave a smartphone? Want to play Scrabble® and exercise with family and/or friends all at once? Try the excellent game of Seek ’n Spell (99 cents) that is essentially running Scrabble. The Seek ’n Spell App works with your phone’s GPS to fill the space you are in with virtual letter tiles that you run to collect. Rather than sitting in one place with the letter pile in front of you, you get to run around the field to where the letter is on your screen. Once you are in the letter’s location, you can use it to form a word.

Check out their website- and watch the video, or click on “How to Play” for a great description.

How to play with your family? Go to an open field or park that has good phone reception.  With more than one phone, split up into parents versus kids, one parent per group of children, or however seems best. See who can spell a word the fastest, a word with the highest score or both at once.  You can set how long you want the game to last (say 10 minutes), and you can add multiple players. If you have one phone for everyone, figure out where the next letter is on the map and race each other to get there first. You can also take turns playing and compete to spell words with the highest score.

One obvious warning: the game is such fun you have to remember to watch where you are running instead of looking at your phone!