In the clutter by our front door lies a pile of shoes. My son thinks they are all interesting, figuring out which are pairs, which are funny to walk in (high rain boots are his favorite) and which laces he can tie together so wshones in a line on grasse can’t leave on time. Recently, he used a shoe as a baseball mitt, throwing a ball in the air, and trying to catching it with my shoe. It started us thinking, so we used a sneaker as a baseball batt, and a tall boot to stack the balls and keep them from rolling away before he tried to hit them. Then we dropped the balls and just threw a small soft slipper of theirs back and forth like a ball. They thought it was so funny to use a shoe as a ball, so we continued.  We propped up boots as goals and kicked the slipper around like a game of soccer. My kids used adult snow boots like hockey sticks, and their light plastic sandal as a puck. I played referee.  Then I lined eight random shoes up on the floor, and we used them as cones, weaving through them while kicking the slipper. Then we ran faster around the “cones” without kicking the slipper. We carefully jumped over the shoes frontwards, sideways and backward (don’t land it or your ankle/knee will twist). My kids crab walked around the cones and I did moving planks down the line, doing a push-up over each shoe until my chest touched the shoes. We tried to play badminton over the couch with sneakers as rackets and the slippers as a birdie, but my kids are too young, so we tried catch and release flip-flop volleyball. Shoes aren’t just shoes anymore.