Sit Down

Sit on the edge of a stable non-folding chair. Sit up tall, as if a string is holding you up from the ceiling, keeping your core turned on. Stop immediately if you feel any back pain at all.  A toddler to teen can do this sitting next to you and you can hold a baby on your lap.  Can you hold this position, breathing naturally, shoulders relaxed? Yes?

Then start your timer and play the following rounds with your child to see who can hold the best form for the longest. You can call yourself or each other “out” for poor form, or name yourself the winner for strongest and longest time held in position.  Each sequence below is harder than the previous, so if #3 is too challenging, don’t move on to #4.

1-Keep a good sitting position as above with both feet on the the ground, tilting back about 3 inches. If you want it harder, put your arms above your head. Do not lean back against the chair. (The picture looks like her shoulders are touching, but they are not. Go strong Momma!)

2-With nice body alignment as above, pick one foot off the ground and hold for as long as you can. Bent knee is easier, straight leg is harder.

3-With proper body position, do as in #2 but with the other foot.

4-Still with a strong core, lift both legs off the floor. Again, if you feel this in your back, do not play/compete with this version.

5-Pick one version from the previous four and play as your arms “swim” around you.

6-With good form, pass a ball, rolled up sock or balloon back and forth. The person who can hold good form the longest wins.

7-Start from the beginning but do it all while sitting on a rocking chair, a ball or a swing.

Try this when you are waiting for dinner to finish cooking, sitting in an airplane, or whenever you have a few moments to “sit” down.