Slide around the room

Sliding and/or cleaning fun

How to play?  Find old dish rags or felt if you have hard wood floors, or paper plates or frisbees if you have carpet. Now put each foot on a towel (or whatever you just found) and dance the twist. Lunge in every direction (see clock lunge blog on this site), jumping jacks-slow or fast, and cross country ski in place or around the room.  Get down into a push-up position (on knees or toes) and try moving push-ups, moving the towels out and in as you go up and down.  Then, with your toes on the towels, pull your knees up (together or separate) to your elbows, same side or cross underneath. Stay here in a plank and try opening and closing your legs into a straddle while your toes stay on the towel. Flip over and do the same thing with your heels on the towels, holding your body up on your hands. There are so many ways to play and get incredibly strong sliding on the towels, plus if you spray floor cleaner before you do it, you’ll be cleaning, exercising and having family time all at once. Vacuuming together works too, but it’s not quite as fun and your child won’t be nearly as chatty about school.

With a three year old up to an older teen, this game works great. An older teen will find it novel at first, but then spice it up for them by having them close one or both eyes, cater the moves to a sport they play, and/or put on music they like while sliding. For toddlers and younger, you can hold them, put them on the towel and slide them around (works great for the plank and push-up). They can also just watch you slide instead of walk which they find fascinating. Have fun and sing to them at the same time so you know you are breathing properly.