Snow Storm Socks

snowball with interesting detailsLet go of the need for order in this game, and enjoy the speed and giggles instead. The purpose, no matter the age of the child and adult, is to get all the “snow balls” (rolled up socks or other soft ball) away from your side of the “net”=bed. Put children against adult(s) here, because siblings will be working as a great team against parents/aunt/uncle to defeat them and shovel their side first. Divy up the snowballs evenly on each side of the bed. Set up a timer and go! When the 90 seconds are up, whoever has the least snowballs wins. Divy up the snowballs again, and if the children are older, in this speed round, the balls have to land in a laundry basket on the other side of the bed. If the balls make it into the basket, they count. If not, the player on that side can use them to throw across the bed into another basket on the other side of the bed. When the timer is up, count the number of snowballs in the baskets. With older children, keep varying the game for each speed round.rolled up socks look like snowballs Require everyone to use their non-dominant hand to throw, or everyone (adults included) have to kick the balls over the bed.  If children are smaller, and can’t reach over the bed, have a step stool they can use to reach the top of the “net”/bed (or just play on the floor with a masking tape court.) Let them roll the snowballs across, or take the snowballs and built a fort with the child instead. Little (and big) kids will love the quick explosion of the game, so apologies if every time you do laundry, they want to play.