Channel the excitement and enthusiasm about the World Cup into playing! Get out and kick around the soccer ball on the sidewalk, street or park. Practice every move you see. Try to pass the ball with the inside of your foot and the top of your laces like in real soccer. Pass it back and forth with your knees or head.A boy enjoys playing soccer

The point is to spend as long as possible playing. Make it a game. Bring out the neighbors and have them be defense or goalie.  Practice fancy moves like the bicycle kick or behind the back cut.  There are so many fun soccer moves to try!

Set up shoes or cones and weave the soccer ball in and around the cones like official soccer practice. Don’t be a soccer parent standing at the sidelines watching. Get in there and PLAY!  Your kid will be happy he/she is faster than you, and you’ll be happy you are all moving.

If you have older kids, each can pretend to be a country playing against each other.  Take it seriously, and slide into the ball.  Yell “gooooooal” in whatever language your ” country” speaks.

If you have space where you are watching the game, stand up and dribble the ball side to side.  Kick it back and forth between commercials.  Be a soccer player, if only for a few weeks. Chances are you and your kid(s) will want to continue long after the World Cup is over.