Standing Arm Wrestle

Stand facing your teen, partner or friend, and place your right hands together palm to palm. (See photo)Arm Wrestle Palm to Palm Stand with right ankles touching and in a lunge position. Now push palms together in opposite directions, with the strength coming from your hips, particularly the obliques. Push hard at the same time, until one of you falls over from losing strength or laughing. Now try it again on the left side. If he/she is much bigger than you, have them stand up taller or on one foot while you lunge lower.

Start again, in the same position as above, but rather than push palm to palm, hold his or her hand as in the photo.Arm Wrestle pulls You can try doing a low lunge arm wrestle and “pull” him or her toward you. Don’t “jerk” your partner over, stand low and steady in a lunge, and both of you pull at the same time in opposite directions. Use your whole body as a muscle and counter weight, not just your arm. Keep your elbows bent the whole time.  Feel constant resistance as if playing tug of war, until one person can’t hold it anymore or again, you lose strength from laughing.Arm Wrestle

Stand facing each other in a low deep squat. One person has palms up; the other, has palms down on top, as shown in the picture.Partner Body Strengthener At the same time, one person curls up, the other pushes down. Continue steady even resistance as you both resist the other’s strength. If you are curling up, use your whole body, especially your legs to lift your arms. If you are pushing down (hands on top), aim to mostly use your core.

If your child is much smaller than you, have them partner with a sibling or friend their size while you wrestle both, or you wrestle your husband/wife.

These moves take five minutes or so depending on how into it you get and how many times you repeat them. They are effective full body strengtheners all while being very entertaining.  Experiment with other hand and body positions for a fun partner workout. What are your favorites?