Oh, yes, it’s here again- walking on your hands with someone holding your feet like you did in fifth grade gym class. Except this time it’s with someone you love, and it’s fun. Get down on the floor, have your teen or tween pick up your feet, and walk as far as your strong abs will let you go. Switch and be amazed at the speed of your child compared to you. With a child too young to pick up  and hold your feet, try it two ways. One, put your feet on the couch, bed, or park bench, and walk side to side as your child crawls underneath, over and around you. Two, put your bent knees on a blanket, let your child “hold” your feet, and drag them both as your child squeals with delight and you wonder how you did it so well when you were ten years old. Be sure to switch position so your child has a turn and you attempt to army crawl underneath them, or do it at the same time, picking up one foot, one hand, etc. for as long as you can. Then do it again. With a toddler and younger, option one works, as does putting them in a real wheelbarrow and pushing them around. Know what’s lovely about wheelbarrows? Every muscle will be working, especially your abs that have a double load from holding you up and laughing.