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10 things kids should know about exercise

Saturday, November 30th, 2013

Adult and Kid Playgrounds

Monday, November 25th, 2013

Vita-courseWhat’s a fun and free fitness activity you can all play together over Thanksgiving? The middle school near my house has a public exercise circuit, Parcourse or fitness trail — you know, the ones with the metal posts showing exercises like in this picture, and sometimes there are benches or bars where people can do exercises.

VitaCourses (a brand name of exercise circuits), Parcourses, and/or fitness trails are all around the country, so wherever you are on Thanksgiving, you can find one near you. Kids have formalized playgrounds. VitaCourses are kind of formalized playgrounds for adults that kids can do, too. Go try it, it’s fun!

I used to push my daughter to the school in the stroller for my warm-up, then get her out of the stroller, and she would do the VitaCourse stations witFitness Circuith me as a game. Now that she is older, she rides her bike to the track and challenges me to the circuit.

It’s easy to stand there and watch her play, so I remind myself that it’s more fun and healthier for both of us to move through the circuit. Her step-ups and push-ups are as hard for her as they are for me based on our weight and size. She thinks these are the most fun things in the world because we are doing it together. I’m not talking on my phone. I’m not checking email. I’m outside with her; we’re doing the exact same thing – making up crazy movements around the course, creating lasting memories for both of us. Oh, and we’re also getting a great work-out. Family fitness indeed!

Can’t find a circuit near you? Try some of these games over the holidays instead: active vacay, object race, hand slap plank game or scavenger hunt. Have a game or activity your family loves? Take a picture! Focus on Family Fitness has a contest coming up for the best active family photo.  Details are coming!

Super Multi-tasking

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013


Board Meeting

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

Tonight, with just a few hours notice from a peer (not me), several families showed up at a public city meeting to speak about how important our Family Fitness class is to them and their families. They were asking to be allowed to use a local park for classes.  Even two five-year-old children spoke in front of the board. One woman said she’d lost over 50 pounds taking my class twice a week and now her children were learning to love fitness from her role modeling.

I was moved to tears.Board Meeting

If ever there was a question that family fitness has an impact, I no longer wonder. Here is a photo of one of the five-year-olds speaking up.

I can list all the benefits of exercise. I can proselytize how important it is that families take time to have active play together. Or I can look at this picture and realize that kids get it. They understand family time; they understand how humans need movement. The positive and dramatic changes taking place each time a family focuses on fitness together is immeasurable.

Redefining “shoulders”

Friday, November 1st, 2013

Redefining shoulder exercises. This one is called “WHEEeeeee”…