Board Meeting

Tonight, with just a few hours notice from a peer (not me), several families showed up at a public city meeting to speak about how important our Family Fitness class is to them and their families. They were asking to be allowed to use a local park for classes.  Even two five-year-old children spoke in front of the board. One woman said she’d lost over 50 pounds taking my class twice a week and now her children were learning to love fitness from her role modeling.

I was moved to tears.Board Meeting

If ever there was a question that family fitness has an impact, I no longer wonder. Here is a photo of one of the five-year-olds speaking up.

I can list all the benefits of exercise. I can proselytize how important it is that families take time to have active play together. Or I can look at this picture and realize that kids get it. They understand family time; they understand how humans need movement. The positive and dramatic changes taking place each time a family focuses on fitness together is immeasurable.