Flip2BFit® is a company that makes two active games.  One is a children’s fitness board game where you stretch, jump and twist in order to win the game. While playing, you can pose in a few yoga positions, build strength or do a cardio burst – all while learning about healthy eating choices. The company’s mission is to “prevent childhood obesity one exercise at a time!”

The second game is a fitness memory card game called Bakari, where you match two physical activity cards and earn points by doing the exercises.

See the games here at flip2bfit.com.

Add the Flip2bFit games to the others on this blog (like active Charades, Twist It Up, Running Scrabble, body Rock, Paper, Scissor, etc.) to play for family game night.  Over and over, Focusing on Family Fitness is easy to do when exercise and activity are woven into family time.