Four Square

Four SquareThe thing that’s great about the ball game Four Square is that it’s played all over the world, you don’t need a racquet or a special court and it’s a simple game anyone can play.  I love the eye-hand coordination, thinking, and both fine and gross motor skills involved. Plus my kids love to play it, which makes me want to get better.

If you don’t remember it, Four Square is a large square drawn with chalk, tape or sticks that has four equal boxes inside it. The goal is to strategically have the others miss or hit the ball out of bounds while your bounces stay inside the square. Here is a great description of the game, as well as customized rules, etc.   There is even a forum for ridiculous rules.

If you get crazy into it, you are in luck! There is a Four Square World Championship. Or simply make a movie like this one.  Funny!