I just played handball, well kind of.

Our game requires a ball of any size and a vertical flat surface – like the side of an apartment building, garage door or wall. Hit the ball against the wall with your hand or fist and accrue points when the other misses the ball. Handball

Alternatively, just take turns trying to hit the ball against the wall. We didn’t use points because both of us where having fun just practicing techniques. Besides the incredible hand eye and body coordination, we were using our bodies in all four planes of motion.  We moved front and back while lunging to hit the ball, laterally to squat and get the ball, and around each other in a funny dance where we kept running into each other. I’m sure it looked ridiculous, but we not only had fun, we had a great, dynamic workout.

Official handball is played pretty differently. However, our game was a good start for any ball game she (or I) might want to play in the future be it volleyball, handball or tennis. The moves are all similar.

I couldn’t improve on the bonding time and new ways of moving. Plus, being so focused on the ball and position of each other, we couldn’t think about anything else. We were truly in the moment.