I’m Gonna Catch You!

Yep, like the game “Tag” where one person is “it” and tries to touch an opponent to make them “it”.  Run like crazy, make new rules, laugh a lot, and have a new family game.  How to make new rules? Ask your kids! Here are a few variations to choose from:

-A person is “safe” when jumping. Any and all jumping counts: jumping jacks, jumping in place, jumping on and and off of something. As long as a person is jumping, he/she can’t be tagged
-Doing push-ups, sit-ups, squats, or any other chosen exercise consistently-it either makes you “safe” or someone calls out the word and everyone has to do it
-You are “safe” while singing a song at the top of your lungs
-Calling out a fruit or vegetable name right before being tagged makes you “safe”
-Balancing on one foot or in a plank keeps you from being tagged
-Holding hands with another friend/family member makes you “safe”
-Holding a ball above your head while running and dribbling it before being tagged, or just dribble it the whole game and “tag” the ball
-Add any “prop” or equipment to the game to change it around such as a wooden spoon, blankets, blocks, or “magic” leaves that deem you “safe” if you are the holder, thrower, balancer, passer, or…?

The variation is endless. Figure out what works for you and the age of your family. Play it during big holidays when there is extended family, form teams and keep time and score. Or don’t. Either way, yelling “I’m gonna catch you!” while chasing each other is guaranteed exercise fun. Playing hard has many benefits: it’s good interval and multi-directional training, and explosive conditioning all at once!