Think of a walk, run or hike that is a treasure hunt for cool stamps with a log book – like a passport – recording your adventures. Combine navigational skills and rubber stamping for outdoor fun for all ages and fitness levels in your family. Checkout: http://www.letterboxing.org or http://www.atlasquest.com/

My good friend and her family have found letterboxes all around the country as shown in this map: http://www.letterboxing.org/america.htm They can’t wait to go exploring somewhere new, collect stamp impressions, and plant boxes for other people to discover. They just put an ink pad and stamp in a waterproof container and plan out a special place to hide it.

According to the website, there are over 20,000 letterboxes hidden in North America alone! Rumor has it that letterboxing started in England in 1854, but was popularized in the U.S. in 1998. http://www.letterboxing.org/GettingStarted/getstart_finding.htm

If you are competitive, split up into teams and race to get to the stamps to make it even more of a cardiovascular challenge. You can also make it part of a scavenger hunt. Or, simply start your own family passport of treasure hunting in your neighborhood! Bring your recording book wherever you travel and find stamps to put inside. Plant your own stamps around the world, too! Soon you’ll have an incredible log of fun adventures!