Step On It

There are so many ways to step up to healthy family time!

-Find a safe street curb or use a step in your house as in a staircase, backyard deck or garage. Compete by counting how many times you can step and/or  jump up and down on the curb, frontwards and sideways both directions. Try jumping with both feet, then with one. Do as many as you can until you don’t get lift off. Whoever lasts the longest wins!

-Alternatively, do the above for one song and see who gets the most  steps and/or jumps in. Write it down on a piece of paper and don’t show each other. Then do another song facing a different direction, count your jumps and write it down. At the end of three songs and three directions, compare totals. The person with the most jumps and/or who is the sweatiest wins.

-Play Monumental and see who reaches the top of their virtual monument first.

-Take a step aerobics class with your child, get a step video from the library, or invent your own dance routine on a step. Teach each other your step routine for a homemade class.

-Use a pedometer and compete to see who can take the most steps in a day.

-If you use the Nintendo Wii, use the Everlast 3” Aerobic Step, the CTA Digital Aerobics Step Platform, or any other step platform instead of the Wii Fit Balance Board. Stepping up and down to play will get your heart rate up higher than just the balance board.

Now step on it!