The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Exercise is something everyone has to do for themselves. You can buy a healthy meal instead of cooking it, but nobody can exercise for you! We forget that daily choices about movement and nutrition add up to health. All movement counts, and everyone needs to do it from the presidents of countries and companies, to children. Ever try to keep a child in a carseat for longer than they wanted? We are born to move! Activity, fitness, exercise…it is instinctive. Let’s put the movement back in our bodies, and rejoice in the instinctive strength and vitality that follows.

Some people think if they can’t have a “perfect” workout, it’s not worth it.  Or they don’t know how to start. (Read my blog!)  However, exercising is like putting money in a savings account. Yes, it’s great to deposit ten dollars, but ten cents (minutes) here and there throughout the days, weeks and months adds up to a lot!

Science has repeatedly proven that exercise not only helps our bodies, but also our brains. Isn’t it wonderful that the same thing that can help your blood pressure and bone strength can also help your mind focus and learn? It’s serendipitous that the very same exercises that help hormonal and glucose surges also help our anxiety and happiness levels. It is not a coincidence. Our bodies are self rewarding for exercise so that we can survive as a species. Keep fitness going (or start!), remind yourself about the pleasures of movement, and your body and mind will start to crave it.